New Career As A Radiology Tech

Radiology TechnicianAlthough unemployment is high in this country and people everywhere seem to be struggling to find employment, there are jobs available if you know where to look.  The healthcare industry as a whole is right now the number one source for job creation.   If you are starting a career right now,  looking for a field within the medical field is a wise choice.  I had a friend who recently lost her job and it didn’t take long for her to start a new career as a radiology technician.

My friend Sue had worked in human resources for a major corporation for the past four years after graduating with a communications degree.  She felt she was secure in her job and finances, but like so many other Americans, found that such security is often an illusion and you life can change overnight.  Due to budget cutbacks Sue lost her job and because this was industry wide, she wasn’t unable to find similar employment despite her experience.

Lucky for Sue, she isn’t the kind of person to sit back and wait for life to happen.  She immediately starting researching where, if any, job growth was in this dismal economy.  With a little research she learned that healthcare jobs were growing at about 30%-50% faster than the rest of the economy.  Some areas were so desperate for trained personnel that salaries had to be raised to attract what few qualified applicants there were.

After reading about a few of the jobs she quickly decided that she wanted to become a radiology tech.  This was something that always appealed to her as it satisfied her love of working in a tech related field while at the same time helping people.  There were certification programs that were as short as 12 months.  She quickly enrolled in one of these programs and was hired by a local hospital before she even finished the program.

Radiology techs, for those that are unfamiliar with the term,  are trained technicians who take X-rays, perform CT scans and operate MRI machines.  With the aging population, such screening methods are increasingly being used to diagnose patients for treatment.  Sue has been working on the job for 5 months now and absolutely love her new career.  She says that getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to her.  She says that she feels like she actually has real security in her life because she actually has a choice of where she can work because so many hospitals and labs are hiring personnel.   Also a radiology technician’s salary is much higher than that of a human resource professional so she is also more financially secure than ever before.


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