Will New Health Insurance Rules Lead To Less Fulltime Jobs?

indexWhether or not your a supporter of the new health insurance rules that are going into effect, we must acknowledge the implications that these rules will have on businesses and the workplace. Due to the fact that businesses must now provide health insurance to all full-time employees, some businesses have cut their workforce or reduced full-time employees to part-time status. Other businesses have begun to take on workers as independent contractors as to avoid having them as employees.

It’s not debatable whether or not companies have already begun to employee these tactics as a response to the new rules. The reality is it has begun to happen, but is this the beginning of a major trend in this country or is it just a small amount of businesses positioning themselves before the rules go into effect. I don’t have the answers to these questions, but we can think about what the implications of this kind of potential shift in hiring can have on the workforce in this country.

The economy continues to struggle and people continue to struggle to find good paying full-time jobs. Everybody knows the importance of having a good paying job with benefits especially those people with families. In the past, landing a full-time job meant that you would not only have a good salary that enabled you to take care your family and live a good middle-class lifestyle, it also meant health insurance would be provided by your employer.

Over the past seven years or so it has become much more difficult to find such jobs. People are struggling more and more every day despite talk of an improving economy. Taking into account that many employers may be proactively trimming their workforce as well as full-time employees to avoid having to provide insurance due to the affordable health care act, the situation may become disastrous.

It would mean that not only would there be less full-time jobs available, but what would be available would be part-time jobs without any benefits. This means that individuals would have to pay for insurance themselves, but working a part-time job would hardly pay for such things. More than likely, the future will see people working possibly three or more part-time jobs just to survive.

Weather or not you are a supporter of the healthcare act is irrelevant. I admit that I do not know enough about the details to come to a conclusion, but I can see that there is in effect on job creation in this country and it is not a positive one. As time goes on we will see if this trend continues and what were once good paying full-time jobs are replaced with part-time positions.


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